Some of The Best Perks of Being Single

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Being single is not as boring as one might think it is. People in relationships aren’t always happy if this makes you happy. Frankly speaking, both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, in this blog, we’ll talk about some of the perks we get when we’re not in a love relationship.

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We can spend our money on ourselves

For starters, we don’t have to save up money for giving out expensive gifts to our partners – because we don’t have any! You can go to that solo Euro tour you have desired for so long. You can have some of the best-personalized gadgets by the money saved.

In conclusion, we can spend money on what we actually like. Not on what someone else likes.

The entire bed is for you

This is one of the most controversial things to say right now. Some people like cuddling while many don’t. Some of them are like me, who would like to spread on the entire bed. If you are single, you don’t have to worry about sharing your bed and essentially owing even less than half of your bed.

You can move your body around, take rolls from one edge of the bed to another. You can even keep your laptop on the bed which makes it easier to watch something lying down.

You always have time for your friends

Being in a relationship takes a lot of time. You are needed to go shopping, vacations, pick-ups, dates, and many other occasions. This can be prevented by being single. You will have loads of time for your friends and family. You can catch up with your bestie whenever you want to. You can plan trips with your best friends without your partner stressing the issue out.

Eat and drink whatever and whenever you want

You can pamper yourself with some tasty fast food and aerated drinks – without a couple of eyeballs asking you to lose weight. You can wine and dine whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for your partner’s plans and approvals. You are single, live life king size!

You can flirt around and have one-night stands

Being single has a lot of perks and this one is the mightiest of all. You can have flings and short time relationships. You can flirt and use those dating apps. You can even have one night stands with the beautiful girls of no strings attached!

A person who is in a relationship won’t have this type of fun. A relationship requires loyalty and you can’t have one night stands without cheating on your partner, and ultimately hurting them.

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